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Innovative Technologies:
Atmospheric Water Generators

In a world that is running out of water, it is encouraging to know there are machines that can pull drinking water right out of the air, giving you true water self-sufficiency, on or off the grid!

A video segment on CBS Sunday morning, reported that "The air over your house is a virtual ocean," with over 1200 gallons constantly floating in a column directly overhead.

Water generators work much like a de-humidifier, but unlike a de-humidifier, they purify the water so it can be used for drinking.


Ecoloblue 30 Atmospheric Water Generator

Ecoloblue Water System

* Creates drinking water from moisture in the air.
* No plumbing required.
* Up to 30 liters per day.
* 12 stage filter process.
* Use in home or office.
* Solar option available.

Water generators are most efficient in areas with average or high humidity, but they will work in even the driest climate.

Several companies manufacture atmospheric water condensers, in small sizes for home or office as well as large sizes for greenhouse or commercial use.

No plumbing is required, although water generators require electricity. Manufacturers are beginning to offer systems that run on solar energy.

One system that includes an option for solar panels is available from Ecoloblue. The solar panels generate 300 Watts -- enough energy to operate their condenser.

Another company, Airwater Corporation, installed a village-size water condenser in Jalimudi Village, India, which is now producing clean drinking water for 600 people daily.

VIDEO: Jalimudi Village Project

Australian News Report

This video explains more about how water generators work.

VIDEO: Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generator

Ecoloblue is one of the companies now offering a solar option with their condensors.



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